If you are an Indian bride who plans to wear a traditional Sari or Lehenga of red, maroon, gold or green colors, you may also want to consider wearing Indian bridal makeup.

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Traditionally, Indian bridal makeup takes in the whole person and consists of 16 items including the dress.weading

These items are known as the Solah Shringar of the bride.

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 items that make up the Solah Shringar include bridal jewelry:

  • Nose ring: The nose ring known as a Nath is a traditional piece of bridal jewelry.

  • Jhumka: Earings

  • Mangalsutra: A necklace worn by a married woman designed with a combination of black and gold beads.

  • Payal: A fine chain worn around the ankle and decorated with ornamental, small bells.

  • Bichua: A toe ring worn on the second toe.

  • Choodi: Bangles worn on the wrist as a sign of marriage.

  • Kamarband: A bridal waist ornament that holds the bridal sari in place.

  • Pocha’s: A bridal hand ornament.

  • Angouti: The ring-just like in Western cultures is the symbol of love and commitment.

  • Bazubandh: An ornament worn on the upper arm.

bridal makeupMakeup only looks good when your skin is healthy. Everyday pollution and ignoring the needs of a regular skin care regime can greatly ruin the health and appearance of our skin.

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  • Dear bride-to-be, start prepping your skin well in advance, typically 6 months before the wedding day.bridal makeup

  • Follow a healthy skin care regime that includes deep cleaning, toning and moisturising.bridal makeup

  • Use sunscreens, day and night serums or creams to pamper your skin and prepare your skin from within.bridal makeup

  • Makeup only accentuates your natural beauty, start with getting a natural glow.bridal makeup

  • Remember to include these habits in your daily routine and not skip on them as a little effort each would go a long way, even after your wedding is over.bridal makeup

  • Bridal makeup can be all about a little drama, glitter and glamour or about creating a natural, no-makeup look!bridal makeup

  • Whichever be your taste, ensure that the makeup complements your bridal lehangas and wedding sarees bridal makeup

  • It’s your day, so remember to look and feel your best!
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